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【美麗台灣】春夏秋冬紀錄片精華 Scenic Wonders Reside in All Our Hearts 2017-03-17




Scenic Wonders Reside in All Our Hearts

A long string of scenic wonders resides in all our hearts -- children playing at a beach in the afterglow of sunset, a young mother strolling, baby in arms, through a grove of cherry trees in blossom, a dashing young cyclist beneath a Royal Poinciana, a sea of roiling clouds encircling Mt. Ali, the sun sinking into the sea off Xiyu Island in the Penghu archipelago, glistening rice paddies crisscrossed with footpaths, Sun Moon Lake as still as a fairyland amidst thick fog, Paulownia tree pedals falling like snow in June.

Some may spark a memory or give you a feeling of warmth. Many more offer enchanting surprises. The chance to view a mountain or the sea, to listen to the wind, to admire a flower or a tree -- it's been close by you all the time.

Surprised and delighted, you feel the desire to record the moment, to share it with everyone -- the true beauty of Taiwan, winter, spring, summer or fall.

The idea that motivated the publication of this documentary was just that simple.

We asked veteran photographers Li-Fang Lin and Ying-Chin Chen to travel the length and breadth of Taiwan for over a year, capturing each season, trying to record what moves them, in both audiovisual and still photographs.

The truth is, today anyone can easily capture the scenes in her heart or his. Pick up a camera or a smart phone, discover the beauty of Taiwan, and share it.


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